Monday, August 29, 2011

New mascara and H&M magazine

It was a sad day today because the sky was grey and it rained the whole skin is also not what it used to be like when I was in China. Before I came back, my skin was almost cured for pimples. It was smooth and radiant, and I didn't get any breakouts. I think it was because of my grandmother's soups which she cooked to us for every dinner. The soup had detoxifing properties in addition to that they reduced the ''heat'' in the body. 
The other thing is the food in China. I didn't eat any bread/wheat produts when I were there because 1)they didn't have it 2)they would laugh at us if we ate something simple like that 3)there were more delicious food to choose from. I also didn't eat any dairy products. 

When I came back the only food I had to choose from, were...just bread-.- Bread for breakfast, bread for lunchtime-- Also dairy products. Yoghurt or chocolate as a snack alternative...and milk. Well, did I also mention stress with a new school semester?! 
Looking at these things, it's not strange that my skin is depressedT.T I have to do something...and it was then that I decided today to buy a new moisturiser which I have read some reviews about: Eucerin Demopurifier Creme Gel. It contains 2% Lactic Acid, also known as milk acid. I haven't tried it yet, but it looked good when I tested it on my hand. I'm thinking of using it tonight and it better not disappoint me=@ 

I also wanted to try a new mascara because the Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara isn't up to pair with my expectations. It did a good job volumising job before, but now, it just makes my thiny lashes looking natural...I want more length and defined lashes. So I bought the new Maxfactor mascara False Lash Fusion^^ I'm going to write a review about it later;)

And I also got the lates H&M magazine. Nice for keeping up to date with fashion and getting some inspo!

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