Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shopping, Work, Sleep

As stated in my previous entry, I went shopping yesterday with mum and sis. Sometimes I end up finding nothing but fortunately, the shopping spree went well, because I got the things I want and needed^^

I bought some light summer flats and clothes to bring with me for the vacation in China. I love the flats and the lightness-feeling when walking in them:) Nonetheless, it is also good for traveling, because their so easy to take on-and-off^^ I don't want to spend 10 hours on the airplane with bad circulation because of tight shoes >.< Or panicking with taking on the shoes when the flight has landed-.-

Pics of the things I bought:

T-shirts from Zara (I really needed some new t-shirts, I got bored of my old ones-.-)

Notice the  cute, little ribbon and the contrasting colours:D

Close up of the ribbon^^

The flower pattern gives off a romantic and girly vibe~

Close up detail:

Fell in love with these at first try:P Love the little metal details!

Dress with pinkish tone that I normally don't like/fit, but this time I'll make an exception;) It's nice to try something different too^^

After two, hasty hours of speed shopping, I went to work=(
It have been long time since last time I worked there, I think it was in winter=O It isn't tempting to take a 20 min bus ride to a lonely place, because of the memories from working in winter. It was cold and dark then, and I had to wait 20 min for my bus at night>.< So I was curious of how it was to work now, when the days have gotten lighter and warmer...the working hours went really fast, but my feet were getting tired of all the walkingx( 
Ah~That must be the payback for my laziness and love for junk foodT.T

It was surprisingly much better, because when I finished at the job, I was met by sunshine and greeneries instead of darkness and coldness while waiting for my bus. That made my whole after-work feeling better^^

Although, it may be tiring or boring to work sometimes, however you also get happy to know that you earn back the money you have spent on shopping, and when you get your payments, you can go shopping again or save it up for something that you really want!


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