Monday, March 28, 2011

Just Dance 2 Wii

Some days ago I wrote about excercising with Wii fit and I thought it was pretty funny and a great way to get moving^^...but I also wanted to try something different, to prevent me from getting bored with the same routine over and over again since the Wii fit has limited amount of minigames=(

I can't remember what I was exactly looking for, but I remembered something about a dance game for Wii, so I googled it and that's how I got to know about the game Just Dance.
It's a dance game for up to 8 players=O The Wii remote controls and evaluates your motions. You don't need any dance mats so it's pretty easy to get with^^

After playing it yesterday and today, I must say it really gets your body working! There are various choreographies with different degrees of how hard the workout is, so you can choose according to how hard you want it to be. You'll definitely sweat!

The positive thing is that it's so easy to get into the dances and music, that you will probably not notice getting tired. Plus you must move in order to get points!

I played it for 1 hour, and although my body was getting tired, I didn't felt it! I think it may get rid of the extra calories if I play it for 1 hour a dayxD

I'll be testing it and let you know if it works for losing weight;)

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