Saturday, February 5, 2011

MAC tinted lip conditioner 15 spf!

A review about this lovely lip conditioner. You can find it in 5 different colours: Gentle Coral, Petting Pink, Fuchsia Pink, Soothing Beige, Plum perfect +  a neutral one without any colour. I have mine in petting pink...and yes, I heard that they have a new one too! The one with lavender smell=O Oh~ I want that one!
Lips looks moisturised and there's a touch of colour from the lip balm. Apply more to get a fuller colour. The petting pink is not that intense, but my sister has the one in fuchsia pink, and it gives her a nice, pink colour.

Colour intensity: Normal, a little bit tinted. Looks natural.
Fuchsia pink: Looks more tinted.
Consistent: Feels light on the lips, and not very sticky. The formula is so soft and creamy, reminds me of bodylotion...but be aware! In cold weather, it might be a little bit stiff, but warm it up in your hand, and voila! The soft consistent returns!

Moisturising power: Great! Lips feels and looks moisturised.

The scent:
Smells like vanilla^o^ Sweet~just want to eat it up when I' hungry after workxD
And it has 15 spf!

Cons: May be too addicted to this lip balm...
Finish: 5/5
Consistent: 5/5
Coverage: 4/5
Moisturising: 4/5
Price: £ 13.5
Overall: 5/5

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