Tuesday, February 8, 2011

MAC Cleanse Off Oil

Realised that I needed something like this for getting rid of my mineral powder...so decided to start with this oil because of all the good raves I have heard about it!

Texture: See the name, it says oil...do you know what the texture is like now?? Well, it has indeed oily like texture, but I think the consistent is very thin because it feels like water when you press the pump and it all splashes out like a watergunxD

Cleansing effect: Skin feels clean and leaves no residue. I was a little bit afraid at first, because usually products with oil in it is hard to rinse away and they tend to leave a nasty feeling on the skin=S But this one stood out! It wasn't hard to rinse away, because the formula turns white and lotionlike when it touches the water.

Smell: Citrus like, a hint of lemon!

Amount: It lasts a long time with its 150 ml! 

I think this makeup remover is great, but it's not that great-great for me because I don't like the consistent when I apply it to dry skin. Feels too greasy for me, so I tend to splash my face with water before I apply this remover on my face=P I want to try out their gel cleanser instead because I like how the cleanser activates itself when it touches the skin.

Consistent: 5/5
Texture: 4/5
Price: £17
Overall: 3,5/5

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