Saturday, January 29, 2011

Vichy - Normaderm Anti Imperfection moisturiser

Bought me another one of this perfect moisturiser for my break-out pro skin^^ I have used this for almost 2 years now, and I'm very pleased with it! Before that, I used to use Olay moisturiser lotion/fluid for sensitive skin but I started to hate it because it felt oily and sticky on my skin=S
Later, I found out that the Olay moisturiser contains mineral oil, which may block pores and I think that's what caused my breakouts-.- After knowing that, I went for moisturiser-hunt=P, and I don't remember exact why I fell for Vichy Anti Imperfection moisturiser o.O (but I'm glad I didxP) I just remembered that I wanted to try something from a drugstore because their products may be more reliablexP Hello, drugstore > supermarket...

After one week using this, my skin felt and looked better=D Less imperfections and it didn't felt sticky when I draged my fingers across my face...after one month I had fewer breakouts and it doesn't seem my skin got irritated by the moisturiser, which was a good sign^^ because the moisturiser contains salicylic acid and other active ingredients. The good thing is that the active ingredients is fighthing against clogged pores, shine, imperfections and irregular texture according to the package...and for me, it feels like it=)

The review;-) :

It says: ''Long lasting matte finish, 24 Hr hydration'',
Matte, doesn't feel like you are wearing any moisturiser at all because of the non-sticky feeling, and I like it^^Feels light on the skin. That's one of the reason why I think it is good for break-out pro skin, because the nonsticky finish makes it harder for dust, pollution and dead skin cells to stick onto the pores and clog it, which leads to breakouts=(

You can build up the coverage by adding more or less of the cream...but I don't think that is a good idea because the cream sinks into the skin fast. Therefore, if you want to add more moisturiser, do it before it dries out on the skin to get the best result;)

Moisturising power:
Ok for my skin, but it may be drying for you if your skin tends to lean towards dry skin. It's great for oily skin because of its matte-finish...but people with dry skin may have some problem with this moisturiser=S If you usually use foundation/mineral powder over your moisturiser, I think it's smart to add a moisturising base like: Kanebo Sensai Smoothing Water base, to your make-up routine, because from my and my friends experience, this moisturiser isn't good buddies with the foundation sisters. It may causes the skin to look flaky if they are combined togheter=S

The scent:
Smells like drugs/medicinal, hard to explain=P...but I don't mind the smell^^

Finish: 5/5
Consistent: 5/5
Coverage: 4/5
Moisturising: 4/5
Price: £ 22.9
Overall: 4/5

I have used this for 2 years now, and I think it's a great moisturiser...although it may feel somehow drier in the winter.

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