Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tiredsome week

Ah, this and the past week has been very tiring...right after the holiday we have been starting on our ''practice'' week, which means that you get out there in the jobmarket and experience how it is to work in real life related to the study/occupation that you have chosen. I'm currenty on my nursing studies, so you may imagine how difficult and hard the working days are for a nurse-.- 
I have never imagined that it could be that tiring! The first two days, I was so finished after work that I went to bed! I have never gotten to bed that early before, that must be a new recordxD And the sleeping hours which I got was probably not enough, because I was still tired the next dayT.T
And as you may have imagined, the practice keeps me from doing the things I want, like take pictures, drawing etc, I don't have time for it now, but hopefully it's just 8 weeks practice and then I'm finished=D
Hope the weeks goes faaaaaaast!!

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