Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pros Cons living alone

Back to my little apartment. It feels kind of lonely =( when you have been with your family in  two days and you have fought with you sister, eaten your parents delicious food and of course you had internet connection! But there are some good sides of being alone too;P

Pros living alone:
-       - You don’t have to listen to your mom’s nagging (dad is cool, so I’m okay with him…)
-       - You have the freedom to do (almost) whatever you will without someone noticing it.
-       - You can sleep late, or early without worrying about getting awaked by noises from your siblings, parents watching tv.
-       - You may eat breakfast, lucnh, dinner at whatever time that suits you best.

Cons living alone:
-       - May get bad eating habits.
-       - May become unhealthier because of premade food, junk food and not having or wanting to cook for yourself. I’m so lazy person-.-
-       - Loneliness at times (especially when you are used to having siblings and parents around you almost ALL the time) Somehow it reminds me of the movie I’m LegendxD
-       - Must wash the dishes.

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